Brit Prep week 1 to 4

My prep for Britain strongest man is going very good so far.  Week 1 to 3 has been a lot of volume work, e.g. 10 rep max 8 rep max etc.  Im enjoying this as im improving my overall conditiining and my strength is going through the roof!

Im nailing every number, rep i need to and my nutrition is also on point!

If you are serious about training contact Delroy Macqueen this guy does all my programming and has got me very strong

Delroy and big Si are the dream team


Im now on week 4 and its a deload to get me ready for the bext phase! I cant wait to see whats in store.  Enjoying training a lot right now and hopefully this will run on all the way to brits!




Ill be posting blogs more and more frequently on here so please keep an eye out thanks Tom

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