Training Log


Thursday 22nd nov legs (deload)

So today is leg day and its one of the easier sessions as its a deload!  I still attack it like its a heavy or volume day though and make sure i get the most out of it.

So 2pm i trained and its looked something like this


Squats 3×5 SSB 210kg

Romanian deads 3 sets of 10

Leg press 3×15

Planks 3x45secs

Nice wee and effective session.  Ive seen massive carry over from adding RDL’s and planks helping my deadlift and events!!

Tomorrow i will take you through my diet for the day and what i eat on rest days and event days!

For now im going to chill and enjoy the rest of the day!!




So a little inside to my nutrition. I teamed up with Simon Drake a scary big bodybuilder who has achieved a lot in his career and going for his biggest year yet in 2019!! This monster has got me stepped up to the next level massively

For me nutrtion plays a bigger part than the gym as you need to fuel you’re body with the right nutrients to help you get through sessions, grow and recover. Simon has nailed this for me and i feel great when in gym, stronger all the time and winning titles!

We are in prep for brits and this is going to be the best brits for me to date as the plan he has me on is making me feel very strong everytime i step in the gym and my conditioning is by far the best.

I put all my faith in my coaches and anyone who is serious about the gym, competing anything get in touch with this dude now!!!


Brit Prep week 1 to 4

My prep for Britain strongest man is going very good so far.  Week 1 to 3 has been a lot of volume work, e.g. 10 rep max 8 rep max etc.  Im enjoying this as im improving my overall conditiining and my strength is going through the roof!

Im nailing every number, rep i need to and my nutrition is also on point!

If you are serious about training contact Delroy Macqueen this guy does all my programming and has got me very strong

Delroy and big Si are the dream team


Im now on week 4 and its a deload to get me ready for the bext phase! I cant wait to see whats in store.  Enjoying training a lot right now and hopefully this will run on all the way to brits!




Ill be posting blogs more and more frequently on here so please keep an eye out thanks Tom